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True Parrot Cichlid

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True Parrot Cichlid

We have to say "True" parrot cichlid because this is the real thing, not the hybridized version found all over the pet trade that shares the same name. These parrot cichlids come from Colombia in the wild and have no relation to the common parrot cichlid other than they both have distinguishing large "bird like" eyes. 

The true parrot cichlid had a turquoise body with olive and black markings and vivid red eyes. Colors get bolder as the fish gets older. The mouth is also unique - the true parrot cichlid looks like it has a constant frown. True parrot cichlids (unlike the red devil hybrids) are more peaceful than most other large South America cichlids. They do swallow small fish though, so choose wisely. Also, parrot cichlids are hardy as long as the pH is below 7.8, and they adapt well to pellet food.

  • Scientific Name: Hoplarchus psittacus
  • Origin:  Colombia
  • Lifespan: 12 years
  • Max Size:  9 inches
  • Food: frozen anything, cichlid pellets
  • Shipping Size:  4 to 5 inches