Xenotalapia bathiphilus kekesa

There is no common name for each member of the Xenotalapia Tanganyikans. All Xenotalapia are sand sifters so small gravel or sand will keep these critters happy. In fact they will look like they are playing in the sand as they search for food. Rarely found in the aquarium trade these are desirable fish for a cichlid tank or a moderately aggressive community tank. This rare cichlid is a maternal mouth brooder and the moms have distinct large mouths - for sifting sand as well as rearing young. 

  • Scientific Name: Xenotalapia bathiphilus
  • Origin: Lake Tanganyika
  • Life Span: 10 years
  • Max Size: 5 inches
  • Food: Flake, live, frozen
  • Shipping Size: Approx. 1 1/2 inch