Zaire Blue Frontosa

Also know as a Blue Mpimbwe, is rare, difficult to breed, and commands a higher price than other frontosas. In part the demand for blue Zaires is due to the nice blue color accents on the fins and bar body pattern. Like all frontosas, these cichlids are hardy and live more than twenty years. They are a rusty colored version of their broad banded cousins. These are splendid cichlids and males grow a distinctive hump on their head. These fish are appropriate for a large species community or cichlid tank. Since they are difficult to breed and grow slowly like most Tanganyikans, they are a bit more expensive than their Lake Malawi cousins. Some Tanganyikans, like tropheus cichlids, require vegetables, but the frontosa is a big fat headed meat eater.

  • Scientific name: Cyphotilapia gibberosa
  • Origin: Lake Tanganyika
  • Max Size: 12 inches
  • Diet: Pellet, flake, live feeders, frozen
  • Shipping Size:  Approx. 1 1/2 inches