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  • Cichlids for the Community Aquarium

    Cichlids for the Community Aquarium

    Author: Richard F. StrattonKnown for their pugnacious attitudes, cichlids are often considered too aggressive for the average community tank. One long-time hobbyist, however, has found four species that will thrive in your community setup.   Enthusiasm for Cichlids Across the...

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  • Top 10 for the 10-Gallon Tank

    Top 10 for the 10-Gallon Tank

    Credit: Tropical Fish HobbyistAuthor: Neale Monks A Tank for Beginners A 10-gallon tank would seem to be an ideal first step into the fishkeeping hobby, as they are inexpensive, not too big, and easy to carry home. Fish tanks of this...

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  • Foods & Feeding

    Foods & Feeding

    In the wild, fish often have very specific diets. Fortunately, most species will do very well without the exact food items they would select in nature.Generally, it is important only to know if the fish you keep are herbivorous (eating...

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  • Fish Selection & Stocking Guide

    Fish Selection & Stocking Guide

    Source: Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine In a perfect world, stocking an aquarium with fish would be as easy as picking out the prettiest or most interesting specimens, taking them home, and plopping them in a tank full of water. We’d...

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  • Indian Pea Puffers

    Indian Pea Puffers

    The dwarf Indian Pea Puffer is a cute little puffer fish from India.  It is a strictly freshwater fish originally from the Pamba river.  These little guys can be a bit aggressive, so it's best to only have one male per tank, or to have quite a large tank where males can set up their own "areas." 
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  • Do I need an Algae Eater?

    Do I need an Algae Eater?

    When you see algae forming in your aquarium, your first thought might be, "Do I need an algae eater". Chances are you probably don't. There are lots of ways to control algae without introducing another fish into your tank. First, though, let's talk a bit about algae itself:


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