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African Oddballs

African Oddballs in-stock ready to ship! We specialize in importing and housing exotic freshwater oddball fish. AFS groups these “oddballs” by region: African, South American, and Asian. AFS avoids collecting species known to be harvested improperly, particularly in the African region. Certain species, such as Arapaima, are endangered in the wild and AFS only imports these species through CITES certification to ensure future sustainability.

AquariumFishSale imports African oddballs from Nigeria and Senegal.
  • Afer Knifefish
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    Afer Knifefish

    Afer Knifefish The afer knifefish is caught in small streams in Nigeria and gets shipped at about 6 to 7 inches in size, but these exotic aquarium ...

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  • African Butterflyfish

    African Butterflyfish

    African Butterflyfish The African butterfly fish is a specialized surface insect hunter and can actually glide a couple feet, so a tank cover is re...

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  • African Dwarf Frog
    from $4.49

    African Dwarf Frog

    African Dwarf Frog The African dwarf frog will live its entire life underwater. However, they are lung breathers and need access to the surface. Th...

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  • African Spotted Lungfish

    African Spotted Lungfish

    African Lungfish The African Lungfish can live in mud and lie dormant for 10 years without water - amazing creatures. Lung fish require live food s...

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  • Albino Senegalese Bichir
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    Albino Senegalese Bichir

    Senegalese Bichir Also known as a 'Dinosaur Eel,' it can add an adventure to your aquarium. These fish look like prehistoric dragons with a slight ...

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  • Baby Whale Fish

    Baby Whale Fish

    Baby Whale Fish The Baby Whale is an intelligent Mormyrid that is an interesting fish to keep, and it has quite a good personality. These fish are ...

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  • Black Widow Frontosa
    from $42.99

    Black Widow Frontosa

    Black Widow Frontosa The black widow frontosa is variation of the Burundi frontosa bred in Taiwan to bring out a mapping black pattern roughly like...

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  • Blond Dwarf Frog

    Blond Dwarf Frog

    Blond Dwarf Frog The blond dwarf frog is a natural color morph of the fully aquatic oddball the African dwarf frog. These little frogs are not albi...

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  • Compressiceps Cichlid Albino
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    Compressiceps Cichlid Albino

    Compressiceps Cichlid Albino Already a strange looking fish with the scary nick name Malawi Eye-biter, the albino compressiceps features red eyes a...

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  • Congo Tetra
    from $7.49

    Congo Tetra

    Congo Tetra At two inches these are incredible rainbow reflecting fish, at one inch not so much. The good news is that these are active schoolers...

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  • Congo Tetras

    Congo Tetra (Lot of 4)

    Congo Tetra At two inches these are incredible rainbow reflecting fish, at one inch not so much. These schooling fish grow to 3.5 inches and can ...

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  • Congo Tetra Albino
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    Congo Tetra Albino

    Albino Congo Tetra Even at one inch this natural variation bred in Indonesia looks fantastic. At two inches the albino congo tetra are incredible ...

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  • Debauwi Catfish
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    Debauwi Catfish

    Debauwi Catfish Also known as African glass catfish, come from the Congo River tributaries and grow to about four inches. These fish are great in a...

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  • Dolphin Fish
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    from $55.99

    Dolphin Fish

    Dolphin Fish Dolphin fish look like dolphins but belong to the morymid family that also includes baby whales and elephant nose. These fish go well ...

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  • Electric Catfish
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    from $76.99

    Electric Catfish

    Electric Catfish Electric catfish from Nigeria grow to 20 inches and can produce a shock of 200 volts to disable prey. The charge from a two inch e...

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  • Elephant Nose Fish
    from $35.99

    Elephant Nose Fish

    Elephant Nose Fish The elephant nose evolved to locate prey through a low voltage electric field. This takes a lot of brain power so in one aspect ...

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  • Endlicheri Bichir
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    Endlicheri Bichir

    Endlicheri Saddle Bichir The endlicheri bichir, or saddle bichir, is one of the less common bichirs available from Cameroon. Like all other bichirs...

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  • Fahaka Puffer
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    Fahaka Puffer

    Fahaka Puffer Like all puffer fish, Fahaka puffers from West Africa have beaks to break apart their food. If threatened, they can blow up to three ...

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  • Lapradei Bichir

    Lapradei Bichir

    Lapradei Bichir The lapradei bichir is what is called a "lower jaw" bichir meaning the lower jaw is longer and more predominant than the upper jaw....

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  • Leaf Fish African
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    Leaf Fish African

    Leaf Fish African African leaf fish are part of the ctenopoma family and are true ambush predators mimicking the color and shape of surrounding lea...

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  • Leopard Ctenopoma Leaf Fish

    Leopard Ctenopoma Leaf Fish

    Leopard Ctenopoma Leopard ctenopomas area colorful leaf fish. Even those these are ambush predators their color would not lead to that conclusion; ...

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  • Mbu Puffer
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    Mbu Puffer

    Mbu Puffer African puffers are more expensive, tougher, harder to source, grow larger and live longer than the South American and Asian species. Li...

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  • Miurus Puffer
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    Miurus Puffer

    Miurus Puffer The miurus puffer from Senegal are seldom seen in the trade and prefer live foods and will make a terrific pet fish, but a terrible r...

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  • Mudskipper African
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    Mudskipper African

    Mudskipper African African mudskippers spend much of their lives out of water, these guys love to sunbath and require a surface area - rock or drif...

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