For orders over $159:

  • Free overnight shipping for fish and plants
  • Free standard shipping on equipment

    For orders under $159:

    • $29 overnight shipping for fish for WEST COAST
    • $39 overnight shipping for fish for EAST COAST
    • $19 two-day shipping for plants
    • $19 standard shipping on equipment


    Shipping policy for  AFS:

    We will do our best to ship every order complete but these are live species and several or in short supply. Species are being imported, running out of stock, or put into quarantine for many reasons. Therefore:

    1) If we can complete 80% or more of the order we will ship it and refund for any missing fish.

    2) If the order is less than 80% we will ask the buyer if they prefer to ship the incomplete order or hold until Tuesday of the following week when we can provide a better fill rate. If the buyer still wants the shipment we will ship and refund for any missing fish.

    Since AFS is a collective of 4 importers and warehouses this policy allows us the best way to manage our costs for our customers and inventory for our fish tanks.

           We ship Monday through Thursday.    

    We do not ship on US holidays.