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AFS works with four select importers from each major tropical region to create the best offering, the best price, and the best online selection of fresh-water and salt-water fish in the world! We offer plants grown in Florida and verified by the Agricultural Department as safe for the aquarium. All of our fish importers are certified to practice sustainable gathering or breeding practices.

All fish are guaranteed to be in our warehouse, healthy and ready for your tank. offers the best prices on exotic freshwater tropical fish species online for freshwater aquariums, fish tanks supplies.
Huge selection of angels, catfish, plecos, cichlids, livebearers, tetras, and much more! Read More...

Aquarium fish for sale

Online Live Tropical Fish Store offers live tropical fish shipped overnight to you. Huge inventory of freshwater fish and saltwater fish for your aquarium at the lowest prices online.'s freshwater fish selection includes: African Catfish, African Cichlid fish, African Oddball fish, Angelfish, Asian Oddballs, Barb fish, Betta fish, Clams, Corydora or Cory fish, Catfish,Crab, Danio fish, Discus fish, Fancy Goldfish, Freshwater Eels, Freshwater Flounder fish, Glo Fish, Goby fish, Gourami, Guppy fish, Killifish, Koi fish, Loach fish, Lobster, Molly, Platys, Pleco fish, Rasboras, Shimp, Snail, South American Cichlid fish, South American Oddballs, Swordtail fish, and Tetra fish.'s saltwater fish selection includes: Saltwater Oddballs Angelfish, Saltwater Anthias, Saltwater Blenny Fish, Saltwater Butterfly fish, Saltwater Cardinal, Saltwater Clownfish, Saltwater Damsel fish, Saltwater Goby fish, Saltwater Hawkfish, Saltwater Puffer fish, Saltwater Tang, Saltwater Wrasse, Saltwater Zoanthid Frag, Saltwater Crab, Saltwater Shrimp, Starfish, Saltwater Trigger fish, and Invertebrates.

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AquariumFishSale's is offering a large selection of live tropical fish, live plants, and aquarium delivered right to your front door. Fully guaranteed and live delivery is assured. Check out the extensive variety.That is an actual online virtural pet store and all livestock comes directly from our wn tanks unlike other live fish websites. Find the best priced tropical fish catalogue here, and if you cant find an exotic species of fish you are looking for, contact us and we likely can acquire them.

We have a huge exotic variety of fish at the lowest online prices.