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African Catfish

From spots to whiskers these catfish are popular exotic fish. African catfish fall into the Synodontis fish family. AFS carries other rare fish, such as electric catfish and glass catfish found in other sections. Synodontis are upside down catfish, with long barbed dorsal fins and some striking patterns. They are easy to care for, eat just about anything, and get along with nearly all fish, including small tetras. They squeak as a form of communicating.
  • Mustard Catfish -
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    Mustard Catfish

    Mustard Catfish Synodontis albolineatus, or mustard cat, has broad white lines on a chocolate body, and on the edges the white turns to a mustard c...

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  • Dwarf Polli Catfish
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    Dwarf Polli Catfish

    Dwarf Polli Catfish The polli synodontis, or Poll's synodontis, are considered a dwarf species through this fish grows to four inches in Lake Tang...

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  • Syndodontis Decorus Catfish
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    Syndodontis Decorus Catfish

    Syndodontis Decorus Catfish Live Synodontis Decorus Catfish fish for sale. These fish are best in a 50 gallon or larger aquarium with a warm, stabl...

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  • Dwarf Petricola Catfish

    Dwarf Petricola Catfish

    Dwarf Petricola Catfish Petriola fish are small Synodontis. These fish are tan with black spots. They have white-lined black fins and white whiske...

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  • Synodontis Schoutendeni Catfish
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    Synodontis Schoutendeni Catfish

    Synodontis Schoutendeni Catfish This is a great looking fresh water fish in the Synodontis family.  We can ship the Synodontis Schoutendeni fish li...

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  • Upside Down Catfish

    Upside Down Catfish

    Upside Down Catfish Upside Down fish for sale ready to add to your aquarium.  Upside Down catfish have been popular since the days of ancient Egypt...

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  • Synodontis Multipunctatus
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    Synodontis Multipunctatus

    Synodontis Multipunctatus  There is no common name for the synodontis multipunctatus, so one has to learn to say it. These African catfish are slow...

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  • Synodontis Eupterus Catfish

    Synodontis Eupterus Catfish

    Synodontis Eupterus Catfish These exotic fish are from the rivers and lakes of Africa. They are wide catfish and have a pale coloration with black ...

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  • Synodontis Angelicus Catfish
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    Synodontis Angelicus Catfish

    Synodontis Angelicus Catfish Angelicus, like most synodontis species, will readily eat flakes, pellets, catfish wafers, frozen and live foods like ...

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