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Saltwater clownfish, or anemonefish, are the most popular reef tank species and form a symbiotic relationship with anemone and corals throughout all the World's tropical Oceans except for some reason the Atlantic.  Clownfish very peaceful and suitable for most community saltwater fish tanks and reef aquariums. Most clownfish are captive bred and do well in any community fish tank though avoid housing with large aggressive fish. In the reefs clownfish protect the anemone from predators and parasites, while and the anemone provides scraps of food for the clownfish and provides protection from predators and parasites as well.
  • Allardi's Clownfish

    Allardi's Clownfish

    Allardi's Clownfish Also called Allardis anemonefish, is a great addition to most tanks, reef safe and a good neighbor. The female fish are more ag...

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  • Black Ice Clownfish

    Black Ice Clownfish

    Black Ice Clownfish The Black Ice Clownfish is a unique cross between our Premium Snowflake Ocellaris Clownfish and ultra-black Darwin Ocellaris Cl...

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  • Black Storm Clownfish

    Black Storm Clownfish

    Black Storm Clownfish This new species was released on 2014. Black storm clownfish are a new strain of fish, one of the designer clownfish found in...

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  • Blue Stripe Clownfish

    Blue Stripe Clownfish

    Blue Stripe Clownfish The Blue Stripe Clownfish is a natural color morph found in the Indian Ocean.  These pricey clownfish are difficult to breed ...

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  • Clarkii Clownfish
    from $41.99

    Clarkii Clownfish

    Clarkii Clownfish   Clarkii Clownfish is also known as the Clark's Anemonefish or Clark's Clownfish. It has a reddish-brown base color with white s...

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  • Darwin Clownfish

    Darwin Clownfish

    Darwin Clownfish Darwin Clownfish, Amphiprion ocellaris, is also known as the Black and White Ocellaris Clownfish or Misbar Clownfish. These hardy...

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  • Domino Clownfish

    Domino Clownfish

    Domino Clownfish The Domino Clownfish is named for just what it looks like - a swimming domino. The Domino Clownfish is a captive variant of the Bl...

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  • Gold Maroon Clownfish
    from $77.99

    Gold Maroon Clownfish

    Gold Maroon Clownfish Gold Maroon Clownfish are a perfect addition to your reef aquarium. Normally, Maroon Clownfish vary in color from bright red...

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  • Golden Nugget Clownfish

    Golden Nugget Clownfish

    Golden Nugget Clownfish Gold Nugget Maroon Clownfish is ORA's most distinct clown fish to date. Its unique appearance manifests itself similarly to...

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  • Lighting Maroon Clownfish
    from $106.99

    Lighting Maroon Clownfish

    Lightning Maroon Clownfish Lightning Maroon Clown is one of the most visually impressive clown fish out there. This particular species is captive b...

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  • Premnas biaculeatus
    from $30.99

    Maroon Clownfish

     Maroon Clownfish Maroon Clownfish has a maroon body with 3 vertical white stripes or lines on its body. There is also a gold stripe Maroon Clownfi...

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  • Mocha Clownfish
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    from $39.49

    Mocha Clownfish

     Mocha Clownfish  Mocha is a hatchery-bred cross between two color varieties of the common ocellaris clown – the black and white ocellaris and the ...

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  • Ocellaris Clownfish
    from $36.49

    Ocellaris Clownfish

    Ocellaris Clownfish The Ocellaris Clownfish is the aquarium industry's most popular saltwater aquarium fish. Its beautiful orange body dressed with...

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  • Orange Skunk Clownfish

    Orange Skunk Clownfish

    Orange Skunk Clownfish One of several species in the Skunk Complex. The Orange Skunk has a mid-dorsal white stripe, and no other head or body strip...

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  • Percula Clownfish
    from $27.49

    Percula Clownfish

    Percula Clownfish The Percula Clownfish are nearly exact to the True Percula but have wider black lines around the orange color. Both share the sam...

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  • Phantom Clownfish

    Phantom Clownfish

    Phantom Clownfish The Ghost Clownfish, or Phantom Clownfish,  is a standout for the way the reds and black colors pop on the solid white body. The ...

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  • Picasso Clownfish
    from $123.99

    Picasso Clownfish

    Picasso Clownfish Picasso Clownfish are a highly sought after variant of the Percula Clownfish and one of the first hybrid bred clownfish bred for ...

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  • Pink Skunk Clownfish (Fiji)
    from $38.49

    Pink Skunk Clownfish (Fiji)

    Pink Skunk Clownfish The Pink Skunk Clownfish, or Pink Skunk Anemonefish or False Skunk-striped Anemonefish, has a peach-orange base color with one...

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  • Platinum Clownfish

    Platinum Clownfish

    Platinum Clownfish The Platinum Clownfish is a bred variation of the Percula Clownfish native to the Great Barrier Reef. The almost solid white Pl...

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  • Prazipro Parasite Treatment

    Prazipro Parasite Treatment

    Hikari Prazipro Hikari and Aquarium Solutions offers a stronger solution to control parasites in aquariums and ponds. Prazipro is the go to product...

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  • Rally Complete Disease Treatment
    Sold out

    Rally Complete Disease Treatment

    Ruby Reef Rally Rally is a complete cure for situations when you just need to treat the whole system and save as much as you can. Rally treats a ho...

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  • Red Saddle Clownfish
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    Red Saddle Clownfish

    Red Saddle Clownfish The Red Saddle Clownfish, or Fire Tomato Clownfish, are known as fierce defenders of their anemone homes. The Red Saddle Clown...

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  • Snow Onyx Clownfish
    from $147.49

    Snow Onyx Clownfish

    Snow Onyx Clownfish Snow Onyx Clownfish, or Snow Onyx Extreme Clownfish, are a hybrid cross between the Onyx Percula clownfish (Amphriprion percul...

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  • Snowflake Clownfish
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    from $75.99

    Snowflake Clownfish

    Snowflake Clownfish The Snowflake Clownfish or Snowflake Anemonefish is captive bred strain of the Ocellaris Clownfish and bred for saltwater aquar...

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