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Saltwater Butterflyfish

Saltwater butterflyfish for sale on look similar to marine angelfish with some difference in the fin structure. Like angelfish, some butterfly fish can grow to a foot in size and display beautiful colors in the marine aquarium. The Butterflyfish family contains 129 species and include the bannerfish and coralfish. All butterflyfish are pelagic egg layers - the fish release their eggs to blend and float with the surrounding plankton until they hatch. Butterflyfish are found in reefs of the Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic Oceans.
  • Auriga Butterflyfish
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    Auriga Butterflyfish

    Auriga Butterflyfish (peaceful) Auriga Butterflyfish, also known as the Threadfin Butterflyfish, is one of the more popular and readily available ...

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  • Burgess' Butterflyfish
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    Burgess' Butterflyfish

    Burgess' Butterflyfish  Burgess' Butterfly-fish is a true beauty in the industry. It originates from the deep waters of the reefs in the Western Pa...

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  • Copperband Butterflyfish

    Copperband Butterflyfish

    Copperband Butterflyfish Copper-banded butterflyfish need exceptionally clean water conditions. In a well maintained tank they will thrive in reef ...

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  • Chaetodon falcula
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    Falcula Butterflyfish

    Falcula Butterflyfish The falcula butterflyfish, also called the Blackwedged Butterflyfish is a beautiful and peaceful fish in a live rock and comm...

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  • 4 Spot Butterfly Fish - Chaetodon quadrimaculatus
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    Four Spot Butterflyfish

    Four Spot Butterlfyfish The Four Spot Butterflyfish, or Fourspot Buttlerflyfish,  has a dark yellow and brown body with two white patches on each s...

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  • Heniochus Black & White Butterflyfish
    from $65.99

    Heniochus Black & White Butterflyfish

    Heniochus Black & White Butterflyfish  Heniochus Black & White Butterflyfish, also known as Longfin Bannerfish, has a very elongated white ...

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  • Lemon Butterflyfish
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    Lemon Butterflyfish

    Lemon Butterflyfish Lemon Butterflyfish, also known as the Milletseed Butterflyfish or Millet Butterflyfish, is mainly yellow with many dark spots ...

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  • Pakistan Butterflyfish
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    Pakistan Butterflyfish

    Pakistan Butterflyfish Also known as Red-tailed Butterflyfish, Collare Butterflyfish, or Redtail Butterflyfish, has a rich brown to black color wit...

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  • Pearlscale Butterflyfish
    from $93.49

    Pearlscale Butterflyfish

    Pearlscale Butterflyfish   (Peaceful) Pearlscale Butterflyfish is another beautiful example why marine Butterflyfish remain perennial favorites amo...

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  • Pebble Butterflyfish
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    Pebble Butterflyfish

    Pebble Butterflyfish  The Pebble Butterflyfish is also known as the Multiband Butterflyfish, Pebbled Butterflyfish, Many Banded Butterfly Fish, and...

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  • Punctado Butterflyfish
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    Punctado Butterflyfish

    Punctado Butterflyfish  (Peaceful) This fish has so many common names AFS just went with the classic, but the name that comes in second place is t...

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  • Raccoon Butterflyfish
    from $98.99

    Raccoon Butterflyfish

    Raccoon Butterflyfish  Raccoon Butterflyfish are yellow-orange, but darker on the upper half of the body. It has a black patch around its eyes, wit...

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  • Saddleback Butterflyfish
    from $76.99

    Saddleback Butterflyfish

    Saddleback Butterflyfish Saddleback Butterflyfish make great pets in larger marine aquariums. These fish will compete aggressively for food and wil...

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  • Sunburst Butterflyfish
    from $77.99

    Sunburst Butterflyfish

    Sunburst Butterflyfish Sunburst Butterflyfish is also known as Klein's Butterflyfish,  Black-lipped Butterfly, and Orange Butterflyfish. The Klein'...

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  • TearDrop Butterflyfish

    TearDrop Butterflyfish

    TEARDROP BUTTERFLY TearDrop Butterflyfish, or Tear Drop Butterfly, are tough on corals and invertabrates, but peaceful with fish of similar size. N...

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  • Yellow Longnose Butterflyfish
    from $76.99

    Yellow Longnose Butterflyfish

    Yellow Longnose Butterflyfish Yellow Longnose Butterflyfish, or Forceps Fish, can be found singly or in schools on reef flats and slopes of the Ind...

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  • Yellow Zoster Butterflyfish

    Yellow Zoster Butterflyfish

    Yellow Zoster Butterflyfish (Peaceful) The Zoster Butterfly is also known as the Yellow Zoster Butterflyfish or Yellow Pyramid Butterflyfish, this ...

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