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Freshwater Specials

All fish come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee for Live Arrival.
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  • Peacock Goby
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    Original price 23.99
    Current price $19.19

    Peacock Goby

    Peacock Goby Freshwater aquarium Peacock Gudgeon Gobies are commonly called the peacock gudgeon. The peacock goby is a colorful bottom dweller from...

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  • Red Devil Cichlid
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    Original price 12.49
    Current price $8.74

    Red Devil Cichlid

    Red Devil Cichlid The red devil cichlid is a Central American cichlid more often found in breeding ponds in Florida. This is one of the species tha...

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  • Neocaridina Davidi
    Save 25%
    Original price 7.99
    Current price $5.99

    Blue Velvet Shrimp

    Blue Velvet Shrimp The blue velvet shrimp, or super blue shrimp,  are a solid aqua blue and bred in Taiwan to create this amazing color.  Like most...

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  • Neon Blue Dwarf Gourami
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    Original price 12.49
    Current price $9.99

    Neon Blue Dwarf Gourami

    Neon Blue Dwarf Gourami Male neon blue dwarf gourami feature a reflective blue and black body with bright red and blue fins. We ship only colorful ...

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