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  • All about Rasboras

    All about Rasboras

    Rasboras are small schooling fish.  Like tetra, these fish swim in large schools in the wild. A few, such as harlequin and scissortail rasboras, get large enough for larger species community tanks. Most look best in small planted aquariums and they get along with fancy shrimp and other gentle tank mates.

    To help you better understand Rasboras, here are 5 facts about these colorful fish:

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  • Memorial Weekend Specials: Tropical Fish For Sale

    Memorial Weekend Specials: Tropical Fish For Sale

    At we like to offer up a variety of fish at special discounts each Friday evening - Monday, midnight PST.  We offer both freshwater tropical fish and saltwater tropical fish and some corals and inverts at 25% off during these weekend specials. 
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  • All About Freshwater Angelfish

    All About Freshwater Angelfish

    Freshwater angelfish are a beautiful addition to aquariums. They're graceful and unique, with striking elongated fins.  Native to South America, and in particular the Amazon River basin, Angelfish are slow-moving and quiet.  They enjoy being under vegetation or downed logs in dimly lit areas.  They also enjoy warm water (between 78-84F) and gentle currents. 
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