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Honey Blueline Damsel


Honey Damsel

 Honey Blue line Damsel  also known as the Cross's Damsel, Red Honey Damsel, or Red Chromis is a small but aesthetically pleasing damsel. They have a red/orange colored body with an electric blue horizontal band across their body. Though they are a smaller damsel, they can be equally aggressive. The Orange Honey Damsel can be kept in small groups if in a larger tanks, but only as individuals in small tanks as to curb against territorialism. They are abundantly indiscriminate eaters and will eat almost any prepared foods. Their coloration patterns seem to dull and bland out as they mature. Overall, the Orange Honey Damsel is quite hardy and easy to care for and will thrive in a reef tank as long as they are kept with suitable partners. 

  • Scientific Name:Neoglyphidodon crossi
  • Approximate Size: 2 inches