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Freshwater Community Fish

  • Neon Tetra
    from $2.69

    Neon Tetra

    Neon Tetra The third most popular aquarium fish in the USA market, the Neon Tetra is affordable, sturdy, and so friendly the fish will school with...

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  • Green Cobra Guppy (Pair)

    Green Cobra Guppy (Pair)

    Green Cobra Guppy pair The Green Cobra Guppy is one of the most popular color variations and tends to grow larger than other colors with a bold gre...

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  • Ghost Shrimp - Pack of 20

    Ghost Shrimp - Pack of 20

    Ghost Shrimp The ghost shrimp, or Florida glass shrimp, is trapped in the Florida growing ponds and sold either as interesting small scavengers for...

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  • Pangio kuhlii

    Banded Kuhli Loach

    Banded Khuli Loach The Kuhli loach have an eel- or snake-like appearance with a yellow body and dark brown vertical stripes. Like other loaches, t...

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  • German Blue Ram (Microgeophagus ramireze)

    German Blue Ram

    German Blue Ram The german blue ram was bred in Germany a generation ago to provide a more colorful and hardier ram for the aquarium trade. Ram is ...

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  • L-104 Clown Stripe Pleco

    L-104 Clown Stripe Pleco

    L-104 Clown Stripe Pleco Plecostomus are a specialty of Aquarium Fish Sale.  These catfish originate in South America and many colors, sizes, and p...

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  • Cardinal Tetra
    from $3.79

    Cardinal Tetra

    Cardinal Tetra Fire red and reflective blue stripes along the length of this fish helped make the cardinal tetra the most popular aquarium fish in ...

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  • Julii Cory

    Julii Cory

    Julii Cory The julii cory, or leopard cory, is a classic leopard spot cory and one of the very first fish available to the aquatic trade. Julii cor...

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  • Gold Marble Angelfish - Pterophyllum scalare
    from $9.99

    Gold Marble Angelfish

    Gold Marble Angelfish The gold marble angelfish shows black, white, and gold colors and it's "angelic" body. Despite the name, angelfish can be qui...

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    from $9.59

    Clown Loach

    Clown Loach Popular fish for many freshwater aquarium hobbyists, it is peaceful and gets along well with many fish tank mates. The Clown Loach is a...

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  • Blue Cobra Guppy (Pair)

    Blue Cobra Guppy (Pair)

    Blue Cobra Guppy The Blue Cobra Guppy pair will arrive with a beautiful blue mosaic pattern. Since this variety is a bit harder to breed and grows ...

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  • Brachygobius doriae

    Bumblebee Goby

    Bumblebee Goby The freshwater bumblebee goby have quite a bit of personality and unusual movement, so they are a great addition to the aquarium. Th...

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  • Gold Algae Eater

    Gold Algae Eater

    Gold Algae Eater The gold algae eater is a color morph of the Chinese algae eater and bred in Thailand for the aquarium market. This fish will not ...

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  • Golden Mystery Snail

    Golden Mystery Snail

    Golden Mystery Snail Mystery snails are hardy and excellent scavengers with a nice subtle color pattern. Gold mystery snails handle a wide range of...

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  • Zebra Danio

    Zebra Danio

    Zebra Danio Flashy and fast, danios add a lot of schooling action to any aquarium, and they get along with everyone. The zebra danio boasts an inst...

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  • Electric Yellow Cichlid
    from $8.99

    Electric Yellow Cichlid

    Electric Yellow Cichlid The electric yellow cichlid is also called the electric yellow lab. These labs may not make the greatest hunting dogs, but ...

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  • Pomacea Bridgesii

    Midnight Mystery Snail

    Midnight Mystery Snail The Midnight Mystery Snail, or less impressively named the black mystery snail, are hardy and excellent scavengers with a da...

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  • Pink Flamingo Guppy (Pair)

    Pink Flamingo Guppy (Pair)

    Pink Flamingo Guppy - Pair The Pink Flamingo Guppy male is primarily red with pink highlights, a very pretty guppy. Females will produce a mix of o...

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  • Dwarf Gourami Female

    Dwarf Gourami Female

    Dwarf Gourami Female Dwarf female gourami are plain tan colored creatures that breed with any of the male Colisa lalia dwarf gourami varieties. It ...

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  • Corydoras panda

    Panda Cory

    Panda Cory The panda cory has enough black on the dorsal fin and the body to give it its common name. Fortunately these cory do not require bamboo ...

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  • Guppy - Paracanthurus hepatus
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    Original price 19.99
    Current price $13.99

    AFS Choice Guppy Large (Pair)

    Guppy Fancy pair The fancy guppies we carry are larger than one would find in a national chain store. Males and females come in matching color patt...

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  • Opaline Gourami
    from $5.99

    Opaline Gourami

    Opaline Gourami Similar to the Blue Gourami, the Opaline Gourami has a bluish body and a black snakeskin pattern. Very hardy and very beautiful, th...

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  • Black angelfish (Pterophyllum scalare)
    from $16.14

    Full Black Angelfish

    Full Black Angelfish Angelfish are a hardy popular species found in rivers all throughout South America, primarily the Amazon River and it's tribut...

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    Indian Pea Puffer

    Indian Pea Puffer Indian pea puffers, also called dwarf Indian puffers, do well in brackish and 100% freshwater aquariums. Pea puffers are caught ...

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