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Freshwater Fish

  • 24 kt  Lyre Tail Molly
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    24 kt Lyre Tail Molly

    24 kt  Lyre Tail Molly The 24 karat lyre tail molly for some reason just pops its colors when swimming about the fish tank. The lyre tail looks eve...

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  • Acei Cichlid -
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    Acei Cichlid

    Pseudotropheus Acei The Acei cichlid, or yellow tail violet cichlid, is  valued for its unique color pattern. The Acei cichlid has bright yellow fi...

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  • Achara Catfish
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    Achara Catfish

    Achara Catfish Not all catfish look pretty when they grow, but the achara catfish will keep it's leopard pattern throughout its life. Achara Catfis...

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  • Afer Knifefish

    Afer Knifefish

    Afer Knifefish The afer knifefish is caught in small streams in Nigeria and gets shipped at about 6 to 7 inches in size, but these exotic aquarium ...

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  • African Butterflyfish - Pantodon BuchholzI
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    African Butterflyfish

    African Butterflyfish The African butterfly fish is a specialized surface insect hunter and can actually glide a couple feet, so a tank cover is re...

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  • African Cichlid Assortment (Lot of 4)
    from $24.99

    African Cichlid Assortment (Lot of 4)

    African Cichlid Assortment AquariumFishSale selected a mix of pseudotropheus, melanochromis, and labeotropheus that will grow well together and d...

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  • African Dwarf Frog - Hymenochirus boettgeri
    from $2.49

    African Dwarf Frog

    African Dwarf Frog The African dwarf frog will live its entire life underwater. However, they are lung breathers and need access to the surface. Th...

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  • African Spotted Lungfish
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    African Spotted Lungfish

    African Lungfish The African Lungfish can live in mud and lie dormant for 10 years without water - amazing creatures. Lung fish require live food s...

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  • Guppy - Paracanthurus hepatus

    AFS Choice Guppy Large (Pair)

    Guppy Fancy pair The fancy guppies we carry are larger than one would find in a national chain store. Males and females come in matching color patt...

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  • Cory agassizi - Corydoras agassizii

    Agassizi Cory

    Agassizi Cory These cute little scavangers grow to just under two inches with a leopard pattern. Like all corys, these dwarf catfish are peaceful ...

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  • Albino Cory - Corydoras aeneus
    from $6.49

    Albino Aeneus Cory

    Albino Aeneus Cory The albino cory is a color morph of corydora aeneus. Cory catfish are found in still or slow moving clear waters in South Ameri...

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  • Albino Angelfish - Pterophyllum scalare
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    Albino Angelfish

    Albino Angelfish These albino angelfish lack dark pigments, but may retain yellow or red pigments and show a white to yellow body. In the right lig...

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  • Albino Arowana
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    Albino Arowana

    Albino Arowana The albino arowana is a very very rare color morph if the South American silver arowana. Only one in 10,000 wild arowanas display th...

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  • Albino Blue Eye Neon Tetra
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    Albino Blue Eye Neon Tetra

    Albino Blue Eye Neon Tetra The albino blue eye neon tetra, also called the gold neon tetra, is a bred color morph of the popular neon tetra. These...

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  • Albino Brichardi Cichlid
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    Albino Brichardi Cichlid

    Brichardi Cichlid Albino The brichardi cichlid is a great example of Lake Tanganyika dwarf cichlids and the albino brichardi is a great example of ...

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  • Albino Buenos Aires Tetra
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    Albino Buenos Aires Tetra

    Albino Buenos Aires Tetra For some reason the albino buenos aires tetra is more aggressive than the parent buenos aires tetra and will disturb sens...

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  • Albino Cherry Barb

    Albino Cherry Barb

    Albino Cherry Barb Albino cherry barbs have a very nice pink, red, and white color theme and males and females are just as pretty. Cherry barbs hav...

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  • Albino Clown Knifefish -
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    Albino Clown Knifefish

    Albino Clown Knifefish The albino clown knifefish, or knife fish, both are proper, is a truly phantasmic sight in an aquarium. Ghosts of any kind a...

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  • Albino Lemon Tetra (Hyphessobrycon pulchripinnis)
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    Albino Lemon Tetra

    Albino Lemon Tetra The Albino Lemon Tetra is a species which originates from South America and then bred to provide this beautiful albino color mo...

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  • Albino Long Fin Cory
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    from $9.99

    Albino Long Fin Cory

    Albino Long Fin Aeneus Cory The  long fin albino cory sports a hobbyist bred feature - an extremely long dorsal fin. These are very pretty cory an...

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  • ALBINO Manacapuru Red Shoulder Angelfish
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    from $39.99

    ALBINO Manacapuru Red Shoulder Angelfish

    Manacapuru Red Angelfish ALBINO The rare manacapuru red shoulder angelfish GETS RARER still with the albino variation. We never get many of these a...

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  • Albino Mystery Snail (Pomacea Bridgesii)

    Albino Mystery Snail

    Albino Mystery Snail Mystery snails are great freshwater scavengers. The Albino Mystery Snail is named for the albino body of the snail, with is a ...

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  • Albino Oscar (Astronatus ocellarus)

    Albino Oscar

    Albino Oscar Oscars are one of the most popular South American Cichlids and will grow to a foot in size. These fish are considered aggressive and n...

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  • Albino Pacu
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    Albino Pacu

    Albino Pacu The albino red belly pacu is a rare color morph of the red belly pacu found in the Amazon rivers of Colombia. What is interesting about...

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