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Killifish, with the exception of the pike killie, are smaller species and adaptable to planted and community fish tanks. Male killifish have more color and so these fish are easy to sex. Most killifish, also known as panchax fish, are jumpers. Clown killie are a bit too small to jump from the tank but most are not so a cover is required.

Killi is Dutch for small stream and their jumping ability enables them to move from one body of shallow water to another.

The smallest killifish aquariumfishsale offers are the Norman's lamp-eye killi and the clown killi, popular for bright color markings. American flag fish killi are popular for their great algae eating skills.

  • Jordanella Floridae

    American Flagfish

    American Flagfish Great algae eaters - particularly filamentous algae, or hair algae. Males actually display the American flag on the side of their...

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  • Amiet's Lyretail Killi (Pair)
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    Amiet's Lyretail Killi (Pair)

    Amiet's Killifish (Pair) The fundulopanchax amieti or amiet's killi, is a true rare gem in any community aquarium or planted fish tank, Originally ...

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  • Blue Gularis Killifish (Pair)
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    Blue Gularis Killifish (Pair)

    Blue Gularis Killifish The blue gularis killifish originate in the jungles of Nigeria but several excellent breeders in the USA offer have brought ...

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  • Blue Panchax Killifish

    Blue Panchax Killifish

    Blue Panchax Killifish The blue panchax, or whitespot panchax, is found all over Pakistan and in two small hot springs in Singapore. These light bl...

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  • Blue Speckled Ricefish
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    Blue Speckled Ricefish

    Blue Speckled Ricefish The blue speckeled rice fish is brd in Japan to display sublte blue spots and blue highlites on the fins. Common rice fish a...

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  • Clown Killifish (Pair)
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    Clown Killifish (Pair)

    Clown Killifish (Pair) The clown killi, also called the rocket killifish, s a popular nano tank species. ships these as pairs ...

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  • Daisy's Blue Eye Ricefish

    Daisy's Blue Eye Ricefish

    Daisy's Blue Eye Ricefish Ricefish are similar to killifish but belong to their own genus "Onyzias". Spread throughout Asia, from China to Japan. R...

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  • Fundulopanchax Gardneri

    Gardneri Killi

    Gardneri Killi  The gardneri killifish is a brightly colored gem from West Africa. These peaceful fish are great additions to a community tank or p...

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  • Gold Dream Panchax

    Gold Dream Panchax

    Gold Dream Killifish The gold dream panchax, also called the gold wonder killie, or gold wonder panchax, grow quickly to just over three inches, fe...

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  • Guentheri Killifish -

    Guentheri Killifish (Pair)

    Guentheri Killifish (Pair) Nothobranchous guentheri is an exotic killifish from Zanzibar. In the wild these fish  control mosquito populations in s...

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  • Jeweled Panchax
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    Jeweled Panchax

    Jeweled Panchax The jeweled panchax, or jeweled killifish, comes from the exotic Zanzibar island. These are pretty pink and red killie that grow to...

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  • Norman's Lampeye Killifish
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    Norman's Lampeye Killifish

    Norman's Lampeye Killie The lamp-eye killis have large reflective eyes and look awesome in a school under the right lighting. ...

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  • Nothobranchius rubripinnus Killifish (Pair)
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    Nothobranchius rubripinnus Killifish (Pair)

    Nothobranchius rubripinnis Killi (Pair) Nothobranchius rubripinnis, or just rubripinnis killifish, is a good find for the collector and breeder of ...

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  • Orange Speckled Ricefish
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    Orange Speckled Ricefish

    Orange Speckled Ricefish Ricefish are similar to killifish but belong to their own genus "Onyzias". Spread throughout Asia, from China to Japan. Th...

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  • Rainbow Striped Killifish
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    Rainbow Striped Killifish

    Rainbow Striped Killifish The rainbow striped killifish is a wild caught killi from the Pakistani region and the species is in the same family as t...

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  • Snow White Rice Fish
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    Snow White Rice Fish

    Snow White Rice Fish Rice fish are similar to killifish but belong to their own genus "Onyzias". Spread throughout Asia, from China to Japan. Rice ...

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