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Saltwater Damsels and Chromis

Saltwater damselfish and chromisfish are popular for their big bold colors and their low price. Most damselfish are small and spend most of their time foraging among rocks of the reef - and the aquarium. The species range for the common and popular neon blue damsel to the big orange Garibaldi.
  • Allen's Damselfish

    Allen's Damselfish

    Allen's Damselfish Allen's Damselfish is also called the Neon Damselfish, but we like to give some credit to the discoverer of the fish Dr. Gerald ...

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  • Beau Gregory Damselfish

    Beau Gregory Damselfish

    Beau Gregory Damselfish The Beau Gregory Damselfish, or simply the Gregory Damsel, is reef safe but territorial. This damsel needs some rock crevic...

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  • Black and Gold Chromis
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    Black and Gold Chromis

    Black and Gold Chromis The Black and Gold Damselfish, also called the Black-and-Gold Chromis,  is hardy and a great eater, but don't be fooled by ...

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  • Blue Damselfish

    Blue Damselfish

    Blue Damselfish The Blue Damselfish, or simply the Blue Damsel, can be found in every independent saltwater aquarium store in the World. Like the n...

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  • Blue Fiji Devil Damselfish

    Blue Fiji Devil Damselfish

    Blue Fiji Devil Damselfish The Blue Fiji Damselfish are hardy enough to handle small nano tanks, reef tanks, and most tankmates except aggressive d...

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  • Blue Reef Chromis
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    Blue Reef Chromis

    Blue Reef Chromis The Blue Reef Chromis is a great schooling damselfish and peaceful. The fish is found in reefs of the Caribbean and grows to 5 in...

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  • Blue Velvet Damselfish

    Blue Velvet Damselfish

    Blue Velvet Damselfish The Blue Velvet Damselfish, or Blue Devil, features flashy neon colored electric-blue horizontal stripes dashed across its f...

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  • Bluefin Damselfish

    Bluefin Damselfish

    Bluefin Damselfish The Bluefin Damselfish is also know as Black Damselfish, Bowtie Damselfish, Yellowback Damsel, and Royal Damsel. The Bluefin Dam...

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  • Domino Damselfish
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    Domino Damselfish

    Domino Damselfish The Domino Damselfish, Snowball Damsel or Three Spot Damsel is only found around the Hawaiian Islands and Johnston Island. These ...

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  • Four Stripe Damselfish

    Four Stripe Damselfish

    Four Stripe Damselfish The Four Stripe Damselfish as an attractive black and white striped fish with a white nose and white tail. Unlike many fancy...

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  • Green Chromis Damselfish
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    Green Chromis Damselfish

    Green Chromis Damselfish The Green Chromis Damselfish, or simply the Green Chromis, are a wonderful schooling fish and in the wild are found in lar...

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  • Jewel Damselfish
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    Jewel Damselfish

    Jewel Damselfish The Jewel Damselfish is a bully. A pretty bully. Also called the Yellowtail Damselfish the Jewel Damsel grows to five inches and t...

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  • Kupang Damselfish

    Kupang Damselfish

    Kupang Damselfish The Kupang Damselfish, also known as the Azure Demoiselle and the Half-Blue Damselfish, is one of the most remarkable damselfish ...

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  • Orange Honey Damselfish
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    Orange Honey Damselfish

    Orange Honey Damselfish Honey Damselfish, or Red Honey Chromis are small pretty damselfish, The Honey Damselfish have a red/orange colored body wit...

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  • Pink Damselfish

    Pink Damselfish

    Pink Damselfish The Pink Smith Damselfish has a shiny silver to white body with a pink fringe. A small group should live in a 30 gallon or larger a...

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  • Sergeant Damselfish

    Sergeant Damselfish

    Sergeant Damselfish This Sergeant Damselfish gets its name from the striping across its back that resembles the black bars of a Sergeant Major'...

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  • Talbot's Damselfish

    Talbot's Damselfish

    Talbot's  Damselfish Commonly as Talbot's demoiselle, Talbot's Damselfish is named in honor of the head of the Museum and Aquarium of Australia Fra...

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  • Three Stripe Damsel

    Three Stripe Damselfish

    Three Stripe Damselfish An attractive black and white striped fish with a white nose and white tail. Unlike many fancy damselfish youths that becom...

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  • Yellowtail Damselfish

    Yellowtail Damselfish

    Yellowtail Damselfish The Yellowtail Damselfish has a bright blue body and a bright yellow tailfin. These fish only reach about 2 3/4 inches. Depen...

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