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Free Shipping on orders over $139

Saltwater Hawkfish

Saltwater aquarium fish such as hawkfish, similar to scorpion fish, are small and suitable for reef and smaller community marine aquariums. These fish go well with corals and anemone.
  • Arc Eye Hawkfish

    Arc Eye Hawkfish

    Arc Eye Hawkfish aracirrhites arcatus grows to a maximum size of 20 cm in length, and occurs in a variety of colors. The body may be greenish-brown...

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  • Falco Hawkfish

    Falco Hawkfish

    Falco Hawkfish The dwarf hawkfish typically rests at the bottom of massive corals. It usually occurs singly but may be in pairs and feeds on fish l...

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  • Flame Hawkfish

    Flame Hawkfish

    Flame Hawkfish Also known as Brilliant Hawkfish, these have a bright red body with dark markings along its dorsal fin and around the eyes.  Scien...

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  • Freckle Hawkfish

    Freckle Hawkfish

    his hawkfish reaches to a maximum total length of about 22 cm (9 in). The dorsal fin has ten spines and eleven soft rays, while the anal fin has th...

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  • Spotted Hawkfish -
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    Spotted Hawkfish

    Longnose Hawkfish This Hawkfish is a red fish with a white checked body. Or is it a white fish with a red checked body? Either way the Longnose Haw...

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