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Saltwater Puffer

Pufferfish have four large teeth to crush their foods and a unique bladder that enables the body to swell when threatened. These fish are very popular in community or single species fish tanks.
  • Dogface Puffer
    from $102.99

    Dogface Puffer

    Dogface Puffer Arothron nigropunctatus is a small sized fish which grows up to 1 ft. length. Its body is oval shape, spherical and relatively elong...

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  • Honeycomb Puffer

    Honeycomb Puffer

    Honeycomb Puffer Honey puffer is also known as the Honeycomb Toby. Members of the Canthigaster genus are called Sharp-nosed Puffers or Tobies. It ...

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  • Porcupine Puffer
    from $114.99

    Porcupine Puffer

    Porcupine Puffer These fish are found in shallow temperate and tropical seas worldwide. A few species are found much further out from shore, wherei...

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  • Saddle Valentini Puffer
    from $85.49

    Saddle Valentini Puffer

    Saddle Valentini Puffer  Saddle Puffer is also known as Valentini's Sharpnose Puffer , Valentini Puffer, Black Saddle Puffer fish, Black saddled To...

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  • Sharp Nose White Spot Puffer
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    from $60.99

    Sharp Nose White Spot Puffer

    Sharp Nose White Spot Puffer The Whitespotted Puffer has a tan body and a white belly. It's many white spots from the middle to the back half of th...

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  • Stars and Stripes Puffer
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    Stars and Stripes Puffer

    Stars and Stripes Puffer is referred to as the Whitespotted Pufferfish, or Hispid Pufferfish. It is named appropriately because of its unusual mark...

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  • Stella Puffer
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    Stella Puffer

    Stella Puffer Also known as Starry, steallate is a medium-sized fish which grows up to 13 inches in length. Its body is oval shaped, spherical and ...

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  • Yellow Belly Dogface Puffer

    Yellow Belly Dogface Puffer

    Yellow belly dogface puffer Yellowbelly dogface puffer is commonly referred to as the Golden Perch, Callop and Murray perch. The Yellowbelly dogfac...

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