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Water Treatment

AquariumFishSale offers a proven selection of Weco brand water treatments for aquarium care. Each item is easy to place within a fish shipment box. We chose Weco for their nearly 60 years of proven results in our hobby.
  • Weco Wonder Shells

    Weco Wonder Shells

    Wonder Shells Weco Wonder Shells are a 50 year old hobby classic. The wonder shells proved several uses. For instance, this is the most decorative ...

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  • DeChlor


    DeChlor Add this product to tap water before adding the fish and all the chlorine will be instantly removed. Over 60 years of experience is package...

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  • StaClear


    StaClear Weco StaClear is effective against bacterial-derived conditions that lead to cloudy water.  Sta Clear will allow you to enjoy the beauty o...

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  • Prime Water Conditioner

    Prime Water Conditioner

    Seachem Prime Water Conditioner Prime is considered the finest solution to make tap water aquarium safe and aquarium water safer. In existing fish ...

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  • Tetra Easy Balance

    Tetra Easy Balance

    Tetra Easy Balance Tetra developed Easy Balance to virtually eliminate freshwater aquarium maintenance. Weekly use reduces needs for water changes,...

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  • Kent Discus Essential
    Sold out

    Kent Discus Essential

    Discus Essential Water Conditioner Kent Marine offers Discus Essential - a water conditioner to provide a healthy environment for discus in the aqu...

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  • Seachem Marine Buffer

    Seachem Marine Buffer

    Seachem Marine Buffer Seachem Marine Buffer safely raises marine water pH to 8.3. Even if overapplied it will not raise the pH above 8.3 and will c...

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