Lima Shovelnose Catfish

The Lima Shovelnose catfish, also called the duckbill catfish, has a unique broad flat shovel mouth and long whiskers. Lima shovelnose are caught in Peru, hence the name - for those that know their capitals. In the aquarium these fish only grow to about ten inches and can be kept mid-size and large fish. Generally the Lima shovelnose catfish will adapt to sinking pellets and frozen food, but be prepared to offer live black worms or feeder ghost shrimp.

  • Scientific name: Sorubim lima
  • Origin: Peru  
  • Max Size: 10 inches
  • Life span: 12 years
  • Food: Live feeders, scavanger, sinking pellets
  • Shipping Size: 4 to 6 inches medium 3 inches small