Betta Fish

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Shop AquariumFishSale for the best prices on beautiful live Betta fish. From Half Moon to Crowntail, these Betta fish are a great way to start an aquarium for a hobbyist. Betta fish are named after ancient clan warriors known as the Bettah.  Also called the Siamese fighting fish, they were prized in the 1800s when the idea of pitting them against each other for sport became popular in their native Thailand. The winner of each match was decided based on the bravery of betta fish rather than the amount of battle damage inflicted. Betta fish have a special ability to breathe from the water’s surface through their labyrinth organ, in addition to gills! They also prefer to feed from the surface, and enjoy a diet high in protein.  Add a Beautiful Betta fish to your aquarium today!

Crowntail Betta Fish


Half Moon Betta Male


Half Moon Butterfly Betta Male


Half Moon Rosetail Betta Male


Show Betta Female


Show Betta Male


Super Delta Betta Male