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Saltwater Goby

There are more the 2000 saltwater gobies and maybe 200 found in the aquatic trade. Most marine gobies for the aquarium are small bottom dwellers, though a few goby species grow quite large. 

These fish usually require some sandy substrate.

  • Antenna Goby

    Antenna Goby

    Antenna Goby The Antenna Goby is a peaceful saltwater aquarium addition that requires peaceful tankmates and this goby is great in reef tanks. Ante...

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  • Aurora Goby

    Aurora Goby

    Aurora Goby Aurora Blenny are also called Pinkbar Blenny for the dominate vertical stripes along their body. These marine fish form a close bond wi...

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  • Bar Goby
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    Bar Goby

    Bar Goby This unusual bar goby  is not frequently seen in aquariums as many hobbyists don’t know about them. Zebra Dart Gobies are great school fis...

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  • Bella Goby

    Bella Goby

    Bella Goby This sand sifting fish is similar to the Golden Head Sleeper Goby in size and shape. These fish are know to be jumpers, so a tank canopy...

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  • Black Clown Goby

    Black Clown Goby

    Black Clown Goby The Black Clown Goby will grow to less than two inches so these fish cannot be kept with large species. Other than that, they are ...

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  • Blue Gudgeon Goby

    Blue Gudgeon Goby

    Blue Gudgeon Goby These fish do well in small packs. Also, like most gobies, they are jumpers and the tank would be covered. The fish is hardy and ...

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  • Blue Spot Watchman Goby
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    Blue Spot Watchman Goby

    Blue Spot Watchman Goby Blue-spot Watchman Goby grow a bit larger the Pink Watchman Goby but have similar markings - obviously blue instead of pink...

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  • Bluespot Jawfish Goby

    Bluespot Jawfish Goby

    Bluespot Jawfish Goby In the wild the Blue Spot Goby will hide at night in a cave and for good measure the goby will close the entrance. In the mor...

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  • Bumblebee Goby (salt water)

    Bumblebee Goby (salt water)

    Bumblebee gobies are a brackish water species meaning they can survive in both fresh and salt water. Like other Goby species, the Bumblebee Goby wi...

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  • Clown Citron Goby
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    Clown Citron Goby

    Clown Citron Goby The Citron Goby is hardy and small, so this fish is a good addition to a beginner small tank. The Citron Goby is a loner and will...

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  • Valenciennea puellaris
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    Diamond Watchman Goby

    Diamond Watchman Goby These fish are harder to transition to prepared foods and rely on sand sifting for nutrition. It is best to purchase a diamon...

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  • Dracula Goby
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    Dracula Goby

    Dracula Goby Dracula is prized for its unusual and beautiful, stark coloration. Its body is a pure white color rarely seen in the aquarium hobby. ...

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  • Engineer Goby
    from $21.99

    Engineer Goby

    Engineer Goby Looks like a Goby but it is actually part of its own little species family. To further the ruse, the Engineer Goby acts like a mining...

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  • Flagtail Goby
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    Flagtail Goby

    Also known as Shrimp Gobies, Yanoi Goby and Flagtail Pinkbar Goby.Shrimp Gobies live a symbiotic relationship with snapping shrimps.The Gobies stan...

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  • Green Banded Goby
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    Green Banded Goby

    Green Banded Goby Greenbanded Goby formerly known as Gobiosoma multifasciatum, has since been reclassified as Tigrigobius multifasciatus. This beau...

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  • Green Clown Goby

    Green Clown Goby

    Green Clown Goby This is a reef aquarium favorite and is as fun to watch as it is attractive. They will spawn in captivity. Caution should be obser...

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  • Green Mandarin Goby (Synchiropus splendidus)
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    Green Mandarin Goby

    Green Mandarin Goby A slow but colorful fish, often found hiding in the live rock or hovering between caves. Primarily a bottom-dweller, it will "h...

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  • Griessingei Goby
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    Griessingei Goby

    Griessingei Goby Originating from the reefs of Cebu, is a rare find in the industry. Smaller gobies, reaching a total length of 2 inches, their bod...

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  • Helfrichi Firefish Goby

    Helfrichi Firefish Goby

    Firefish Goby Helfrichi Firefish is also commonly known as Helfrich's Dartfish, or Mano'o-sugale. Since at times, the Hawaii Helfrichi Firefish be...

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  • Neon Blue Goby

    Neon Blue Goby

    Neon Blue Goby The blue stripe goby, or neon blue goby, only grows to two inches but these fish are tough and handle a wide range of water conditio...

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  • Orange Spot Watchman Goby

    Orange Spot Watchman Goby

    Orange Spot Watchman Goby Also know as a Watchman Guttata Goby. This fish forms an interesting symbiotic partnership with pistol shrimps. This part...

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  • Pearly Yellowhead Jawfish Goby

    Pearly Yellowhead Jawfish Goby

    Pearly Yellowhead Jawfish Goby The Pearly Jawfish also known as the Yellowhead Jawfish, Yellow-Headed Pearly Jawish, and the Yellow Head Jawfish. T...

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  • Pink Spot Watchman Goby

    Pink Spot Watchman Goby

    Pink Spot Watchman Goby Also known as a pink-speckled shrimpgoby, these have pretty little pink spots all over their body and grow to only four inc...

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